How To Super Clean Cloth and Leather Seats

Learn how to clean and detail stained cloth and leather seats in your car. In this video I show you how to clean really dirty cloth seats with mud and stains in them as well as slightly dirty cloth seats which still need to be cleaned! I will also show you how to clean leather seats and use the corect leather cleaner and leather conditioner. The Super Clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we cleaning the interior but we are protecting it.
The key to SuperCleaning the interior is using detailing brushes, a good vacuum, and just paying attention to the little details.
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner:
Extractor Vacuum:
Leather and Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner kit:
Detailing Brush kit (including the vent brush):
Interior Plastic/Vinyl High Gloss Protectant:
Microfiber Towels:
Steam Cleaner:
Shop Vacuum:
How to Super Clean your Carpets and Headliner:
SuperClean Exterior:
SuperClean Engine Bay:
SuperClean Windshield:
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