How to Fix a Car that Idles Poorly (Rough Idle)

Does your car idle poorly, have a rough idle, or in general have an idle problem? Learn how to fix a car with high or low idle, and learn how to fix a car that idles up and down by cleaning the idle air control valve. The IAC valve is what keeps the cars idle at around 800rpms. If you turn the ac on and it idles low or your car stalls at lights or in reverse, or your car shakes at idle, this video can also help!
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The OG Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning video (7yrs ago):
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  1. Jackie

    JackieTunti sitten

    Idle at 1500rpm? Now you have a easier hill start.

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    MRS. ROSE MITCHELL18 tuntia sitten

    will it kill your power like going up hill if its bad

  5. Jech Castellanos

    Jech Castellanos20 tuntia sitten

    Make video showing how to fix a car that crank long before turns on

  6. Agrillot6

    Agrillot6Päivä sitten

    I’m definitely going to do this, I have a 98 Ford Camry I’m driving right now, and it shakes and idles super rough, and drives really rough. But when it’s in neutral, it’s smooth as silk. Has a P0135 oxygen heater circuit code. I just fixed the P0500 speed sensor with a little ceramic resistor in the speedometer assembly, rather than the actual speed sensor. I’m super proud of myself since I’m an older single woman with no one to help. I’m going to be trying to find what’s up with an O2 heater next, I just happened to find this video while waiting for the autozone to open, before getting the codes ran.

  7. Freshy Svežaks

    Freshy SvežaksPäivä sitten

    My 2002 e46 m54b22 has autogas instaled on it. It runs totally okey on gas but when on petrol, it runs rough around maybe 600-700 rpm. It sometimes can stall. The problem is when i even touch the accelerator pedal the engine drops the rpm and like clogs up and stalls, even if engine is warm. When it is in neutral or even changing gears the car loses almost all power and stalls, I can get it to drive but each time i let of the accelerator or try to shift gears car stalls or almost stalls. I changed my fuel pump, got new spark plugs ( it didn't even start when i got the car, I had to try keep like 3k rpm and pump the accelerator to even try to keep car running on petrol, but when engine temp reached over 45"C then autogas turned on and car was like new and run no problem) Also diagnostic shows codes for: fuel trim level exceeded fuel trim 1 fuel trim 2 missfire, 4, 5, 6 cylinders Only time it runs perfectly on petrol is while Secondary air pump is warming up the catalytic converters. When the pump shuts off then the stand still rpm drop from 1k down to 600-700rpm, when it drops then it starts to stall when i touch the accelerator. I have never owned a petrol/cargas powered car so this is all new to me. Weird thing is that car runs like new on autogas. I hope I wrote something understandable, my english isn't the best. Maybe you can help me find the problem. As i was told, the DISA valve was okey, so I thing maybe i should look for vacuum leaks. ( and should I do a secondary air pump delete? I'm totally new to this car world sadly, but you live you learn as they say... )

  8. Freshy Svežaks

    Freshy SvežaksPäivä sitten

    and I haven't checked this ICV yet, but I will when I'll get the car back. It is at mechanics shop now, they are changing the subframe bushings.

  9. strange beautiful music

    strange beautiful music2 päivää sitten

    There are many reasons for poor idle condition; vacuum leaks, dirty throttle body, O2 sensors, TPS, etc. You have to systematically eliminate potential issues. Certainly a bad IAC is among them.

  10. maxwel kangangi

    maxwel kangangi2 päivää sitten

    Thank you sir

  11. Larry Ordine

    Larry Ordine2 päivää sitten

    I would recommend not using carburator cleaner. It contains a dry lubricant that can gum up the needle seat assembly after cleaning.

  12. Dgisch

    Dgisch2 päivää sitten

    Idk my car revs itself when i steer and sometimes idles at 500, 1100, 900 or it fcking dies It should be 900 or 1100. And if the revs drop the needle stops at 1400 for solid 2 sec and then chooses one of the 4 options above. That valve has to get hardcore stuck the entire time

  13. Riley Yau

    Riley Yau2 päivää sitten

    Hey Chris, kinda stumped. I'm in a really cold state, the past month has been below freezing. When I turn on the car on days below freezing, the RPM flutters constantly during idling. I don't seem to have this issue on warmer days. Is this a sign of an potential issue with the IAC?

  14. SuperGamer 22

    SuperGamer 223 päivää sitten

    Chris is it possible to replace it

  15. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo4 päivää sitten

    When an engine starts shaking Like that and the RPM goes down That's called surging which means that the engine is running lean or running out of gas thus it starts doing that shake And the RPMs go low

  16. Donnivin Clouse Official

    Donnivin Clouse Official4 päivää sitten

    I love you chris fix you solve all my problems :)

  17. benjamin lemaster

    benjamin lemaster4 päivää sitten

    why does my honda iacv have coolant pass through it?

  18. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix4 päivää sitten

    So it doesnt stick closed from moisture buildup in the winter.

  19. Darren Russ

    Darren Russ5 päivää sitten

    Hey Chris, desperate for a solution! My iacv keeps getting clogged from carbon buildup. I’ve owned my 1998 Toyota Harrier for 3 months now and have had to clean it multiple times. What’s the reason for this? Thanks in advance :)

  20. Dillon Little

    Dillon Little5 päivää sitten

    What about if my rpms jump up and down quickly? Same solution?

  21. addie750

    addie7505 päivää sitten

    Hey Chris, what are your thoughts on rough idle with the 5.3 Chevrolet’s? (Specifically 2001 Suburban) They just seem to have somewhat of a rough idle. I read one time in a forum that a guy was able to seemingly determine that it was due to the ethanol in today’s fuel. He was able to run his Burb on ethanol-free fuel and he stated that it idled steady. Ever heard anything like that? Thanks for your time!

  22. Christopher McKim II

    Christopher McKim II6 päivää sitten

    when i’m done driving and put my car into park it will noticeably shake and drop rpm little below 700 any idea what’s the issue? only seems to happen when goes into park maybe reverse 1 time

  23. Christopher Whitley

    Christopher Whitley6 päivää sitten

    PCV is just as easy and should be changed at the same time. It can easily be just as clogged. They are super cheap.

  24. Jimmy Flores

    Jimmy Flores6 päivää sitten

    Am I supposed to dry before installing??

  25. Charles Pratt

    Charles Pratt6 päivää sitten

    Don't count out a vacuum leak.

  26. No idea What's my name is

    No idea What's my name is7 päivää sitten

    Why just clean iac should do throttle body also dummy

  27. Wav-Scorn259

    Wav-Scorn2597 päivää sitten

    I want to know if its still good to clean this on my car when it doesn't idle poorly, just doesn't feel smooth when accelerating through the lower gears? And when i press the accelerator, there is a short delay but when i press it down more then it works as it should. It jerks a little too. A 2009 Renault. Could this be a dirty throttle body/IAC?

  28. Bill Smith

    Bill Smith7 päivää sitten

    It's not a motor it's a solenoid. And you should use the meter measure the solenoid coil. A bad solenoid will be infinite ohms or open circuit. Also swelling around that housing is it an indication that hid has stuck and overheated and should be replaced. I'm just saying

  29. Sixto Croes

    Sixto Croes7 päivää sitten

    You can make your engine look really nice with tire foam.

  30. Diego Hernandez

    Diego Hernandez8 päivää sitten

    So maybe that's why my muffler shakes now.

  31. YouTupo

    YouTupo9 päivää sitten

    I really enjoy watching your vids. Very educational!! Thank you.

  32. Alberto Cano

    Alberto Cano9 päivää sitten

    I'm kinda new to checking for engine problems, but my car starts at 2,000 RMPs and takes 5 minutes to idle down. I am concerned if I should change/clean up the idle control valve ? Also, my car would sometimes stall when I try accelerating into the freeway.

  33. Wael Ali

    Wael Ali10 päivää sitten

    Hey could this by any means cause check engine light and code p0101? No vacuum leaks and harness is checked good as well as new MAF sensor installed. Or could the EGR valve also cause CEL and p0101?

  34. Wael Ali

    Wael Ali9 päivää sitten

    on intake temp of 20C

  35. Wael Ali

    Wael Ali9 päivää sitten

    also the old maf reading on idle was 12g/s and the new one is 8 to 9g/s.

  36. Wael Ali

    Wael Ali10 päivää sitten

    @ChrisFix Hey man i really thank you for the reply. yes i did reset the codes but they come back after a short drive. someone said the battery may need to be replaced which was in bad shape and i changed it because it was only 11.5V so i thought maybe the sensors dont get enough voltage but nothing changed after replacing the battery. someone said it can be EGR valve or restricted catalytic converter or exhaust leak but i thought all these actually have sensors and i should get their codes not the MAF no?

  37. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix10 päivää sitten

    Did you reset the codes after you installed the new MAF sensor? Cleaning it shouldn't cause codes unless it was already broken!

  38. Levi G

    Levi G10 päivää sitten

    Could a fluctuating acceleration on a electronic throttle body be due to a dirty throttle body or MAF?

  39. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix10 päivää sitten

    Yes, I would give it a clean and that should restore the acceleration!

  40. Hudson Chapman

    Hudson Chapman10 päivää sitten

    I just did this twice and it didnt work. Do you think it is just a bad iac valve or another problem?

  41. Jacob Kotowski

    Jacob Kotowski10 päivää sitten

    would this cause misfire too or no?

  42. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro Gonzalez11 päivää sitten

    Hey Chris! I've been binge watching your channel for about a year now. I paid a tow truck to move my old sister's Foxbody to my garage and it is now mine. Not only do I enjoy referencing your videos, but I enjoy hearing the excitement in your voice as the years went by. really shows how passionate you are with what you do. THANK you and keep it up!!

  43. Jardee Kempton

    Jardee Kempton12 päivää sitten

    Rip my carbureted 429.... its idling a little choppy but I couldn't find the IAC

  44. Austin Konecny

    Austin Konecny12 päivää sitten

    I gotta '92 chev and my idle made my truck die all the time when I first bought the truck. This helped so much. I can drive it like it's new. Thank you chrisfix you're by far my #1 youtuber for anto mechanics repair. I thought it was throttle body.

  45. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix12 päivää sitten

    I'm glad this worked well for you!

  46. Jawsjawsjawsrg

    Jawsjawsjawsrg13 päivää sitten

    With all the suggestions on how to fix my car, I'm going to end up becoming a mechanic.


    TREVOR PHILLIPS13 päivää sitten

    Hey chris my 2004 f150 5.4 idles weird it goes up and down and shuts off

  48. Jon Scears

    Jon Scears13 päivää sitten

    You have a video on cleaning a throttle control valve with out taking it out because I dont have a computer to reset the throttle thanks bro

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    Thanks men your the boss...

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    Where is at on 2016 Hyundai elantra? Thanks

  51. KronPudge

    KronPudge14 päivää sitten

    My mustang shakes a little at idle once it is warmed up after sitting, is this a problem?

  52. Shane Link

    Shane Link14 päivää sitten

    cAN i USE mass Air FLOW CLEANER TO DO HIS OR DIOESNT IT HAVe to BE TRONGER LIKE CARB CLEANER? oops caps sorry to lazy to rewrite

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    You must have the biggest ego EVER to have your name and logo on literally everything

  54. Steven Hogan

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    If it was stuck open could it throw a check engine light saying the mixture is too lean?

  55. r2 deizer

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    Excellent way to explain the cleaning process greating from Paraguay

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    We've always pronounced it "Eye-yak".

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    guys I'm a mechanical and hes videos is harder than u think he work hard and I respect him ☺

  58. Jim Siriotis

    Jim Siriotis17 päivää sitten

    Hi ChrisFix another helpful video. One question pls, you mentioned the symptoms my Honda CRV has perfectly. However, if I don't warm up my car for at least 5 minutes it will stall, then it runs normal until it cool downs again. I will clean IAC, it can't harm, should I also clean my mass Airflow sensor or just try IAC clean first? I appreciate your help. Everything you show is accurate. The other day I replaced my brake pads, rotor and the breaks worked like dream. Thanks for all your instructional videos, what are blessing you've been. Seriously saved me thousands of dollars and grief.


    BEAMED BEAMED17 päivää sitten

    show us how to do a engine rebuild

  60. Alex Henriquez

    Alex Henriquez17 päivää sitten

    Yup thanks for the tip clean my iacv on my Acura Rl 1996 and it idles normal it was ideling low it idle a lil higher now so my car don’t stall no more at a stop. Planing on putting a new iacv in the future and flush the coolant and new hoses .

  61. K_Kutter

    K_Kutter18 päivää sitten

    So cool watching you work on this car! Can’t wait for the next video on it!

  62. Emeka Uzor

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    With ChrisFix, I can do anything with my car 👍🏾👍🏾


    RΛINDΛNCE18 päivää sitten

    I was losing my mind for years, watching these videos... Plugs, wires, fuel pump, air leaks, ECU... My problem was a bad distributor.

  64. Str8UpN0L1fe

    Str8UpN0L1fe19 päivää sitten

    Could this cause my truck to bog down and die while puffing white smoke out the tail pipe

  65. Str8UpN0L1fe

    Str8UpN0L1fe19 päivää sitten

    My truck is a 1995 ford ranger XLT 2.3 l 4 cylinder

  66. Donald Donaldson

    Donald Donaldson19 päivää sitten

    On my ranger when I have it gas and let it fall back to idle it would shudder so I just turned the idle up 👍

  67. Play with Daisy!

    Play with Daisy!19 päivää sitten

    Yay I’m going to do this because I’m still in quarantine

  68. Mike Grimm

    Mike Grimm20 päivää sitten

    could this cause stalling at stop signs? My car will stall sometimes when I hit the gas from a stop.

  69. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix20 päivää sitten

    Yes, I would clean it (along with the throttle body) and that should fix the issue!

  70. FirstPlayerStudios

    FirstPlayerStudios20 päivää sitten

    I did this. Mine was a little different and had 4 bolts...maybe it was a different part. Regardless I did this to it and just like it said, my rpms increased to be about 800!!

  71. j2d4oi

    j2d4oi21 päivä sitten

    My truck had a high idle occasionally. I would just slowly let the clutch out while holding the brake to force the RPM down for 2 or 3 seconds then it would idle fine until it was left to fully cool down before using it next.

  72. Ben Absher

    Ben Absher21 päivä sitten

    Hey Chrisfix! I have a 2003 Chevy astro, I have done everything in the video as well as replaced a lot of parts on the van. I have a rough idle when I put my foot on the brake when in gear. the harder you press the brake the worse the shake, soon as you put it in park its fine. this van does not have a brake booster, the powersteering pump and master brake cylinder are together. (powersteering gives power brakes) I really need help with this I have replaced a lot of stuff. I have replaced motor mounts, transission mount, crankshaft position sensor, 3 new distributor caps, new spark plugs, new spark plug wires, brake master cylinder, Idle pully and blower motor,oxygen sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, new computer, catalytic converter, pcv and hose, and new Idle air control valve. When I had the reman module replaced at dealer they said the pcm randomly misfires are still present, and needs more diagnostics for misfires. Your my last hope......

  73. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix20 päivää sitten

    Might be a vacuum leak or brake booster going bad, if it can't hold vacuum then that could cause your idle issue

  74. Asser Gamer

    Asser Gamer22 päivää sitten

    Hey Chris Aren't You supposed to make a video about how to replace your stock steering with a race steering wheel?

  75. Scott Ernst

    Scott Ernst22 päivää sitten

    Anyone have a guess what Chris is using for a headunit? What tablet/droid radio?

  76. Wolfie&Loaf PlayStuff

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    Brother , I love your videos you were definitely meant to do this...keep up the excellent work.


    MARTIN CARDOZA23 päivää sitten

    @chrisfix please help, I followed this video.cleaned the IAC valce, the throttle body and still idles poorly, then i took it to Autozone to hook uo the obd2 and it shows that I has misfires, so I replaced the spark plugs, didn't fix it, i replaced the ignition coil amd spark plug wires and still didn't fixed it, so now I'm fixing things and buying parts that doesn't fix the ilde problem, then obviously I did checked the air intake filter, and the sensor everything is good, so I must be missing something. All help would be greatly appreciated.

  78. Lucas Bruck

    Lucas Bruck23 päivää sitten

    Hey Chris, I have a 2015 Ford Focus 2.0 FFV that has been having idle issues. It has also been throwing a bad O2 sensor recently. Could having a dirty IAC valve cause this code to pop up? Thanks for the awesome video!

  79. Matt H

    Matt H24 päivää sitten

    How many of you cleaned the IACV kn your vehicle and it didn't fix it? As usual, this is one of may reasons that can cause a poor idle, but a parts changer mindset is what you all want instead of actual diagnosis and data. Don't guess, test.

  80. Matt H

    Matt H24 päivää sitten

    @ChrisFix That's what you show then, how to determine xyz. This type of video just sells carb cleaner and gaskets.

  81. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix24 päivää sitten

    Exactly why I made sure there wasn't any kind of vacuum leak or bad plugs or some kind of blockage in the fuel system before doing this!

  82. Christopher Sheeran

    Christopher Sheeran24 päivää sitten

    Where tf did you get a 2014 Maserati from

  83. Koutarou Araki

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  84. Bill Krause

    Bill Krause25 päivää sitten

    My Ranger didn't want to go into a fast idle RPM when first starting the truck up in colder weather. I learned about the IAC on this channel, and replaced this item new figuring the truck was starting to have lots of miles on it. It was a quick fix, and the idling is perfect. Then I started to hunt for other small items to replace on my old truck. My recent purchased part is an Ignition Coil, but I'll wait and change it in the warmer Spring weather. Last fall of 2020 on my 02' Ranger 4.0L, we changed the thermostat, it's housing, hoses and sensors, and hose fittings. Then the valve cover gasket. I remember when work was hard work, but now its just to much fun since watching this channel . Sometime I'm in the garage late at night, and the wife thinks I have a GF. I'm Kidding.

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  86. Jose Armendariz

    Jose Armendariz26 päivää sitten

    Can I use mass air flow sensor cleaner or WD-40 to clean it ?

  87. john wickk

    john wickk27 päivää sitten

    I have a 19 Altima the dealer said I have computer stuff or something? Is that true? I literally just first time clean my brakes and got em super shiny. Calipers and I finished about an hour ago I just showered but I finished. Thanks to you. Took me 4 hours.

  88. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix27 päivää sitten


  89. john wickk

    john wickk27 päivää sitten

    Do you bite your nails?

  90. john wickk

    john wickk27 päivää sitten

    I have a question will the little peace inside the transmission that looks similar to the idle air control valve? Would it also help with the idle if the oil was easier to flow through the tiny holes filter that's inside the transmission? The little sensor inside the transmission.

  91. MB Leo

    MB Leo27 päivää sitten

    Does the iac valve sensor have alot to do with it? Because i switched my iac valve with a brand new one in my truck, and connected the senser now its even more accelerated

  92. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix26 päivää sitten

    Does it still idle poorly?

  93. MB Leo

    MB Leo27 päivää sitten

    Someone plz respond

  94. Owen Goetz

    Owen Goetz28 päivää sitten

    Hey Chris, my girlfriend's 2012 subaru legacy shuts off if you come to a stop without being super gentle with the brakes. It idles a bit low as well, but would this be a fix for it? Thank you so much man, I love the videos

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    Preventive maintenance is also handy in the long haul.

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  100. ComplexGaming

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    @ChrisFix i have learned a lot about cars just from you ! You always go into detail about everything and show every step! After i graduate high school this year , i am thinking about going to pennco tech for automotive ! I work at a shop right now , and i’ve only learned brakes , change oil , tires and simple stuff , i want to learn more and i really enjoy everything about cars !

  101. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix29 päivää sitten

    I've been working on cars since I was young with my Dad!

  102. ChexMixKitty

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    Hmmm...I'll have to give this a shot

  103. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix28 päivää sitten

    Let me know how it works!


    BRAVO UNIFORM 129 päivää sitten

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  105. Keith Libner

    Keith Libner29 päivää sitten

    If anyone is interested, this is an informative vid, just not totally correct. I have been working on cars for about 45 years and know some dealership mechanics. They all say never use a toothbrush on throttle bodies. Also use throttle body cleaner, NOT carb cleaner. The bristles on toothbrushes are too hard and could etch or wear away some of your TB which is aluminum. Also carb cleaner has stronger chemicals and could damage some of the rubber or plastic in your TB.

  106. frithstar

    frithstarUukausi sitten

    I tried cleaning my (unaccessible to a newbie) EGR valve by spraying cleaner for 1-2 second bursts into the air intake tubing while maintaining revs at 1500 and then going to 3000 10 times every few minutes. Needless to say my turbo is now shot :( Guys, don't watch other YT channels. ChrisFix is the only channel you need.

  107. frithstar

    frithstarUukausi sitten

    Man I love your videos but I have a Ford Galaxy and the engine is backwards. To get to the EGR valve and IAC I have to take the turbo off which is behind the engine and I am a newbie fixer! :(

  108. ChrisFix

    ChrisFixUukausi sitten

    Darn! Are you able to access from underneath?



    Hi, I live in Indianapolis, and I couldn't find an engineer to put the turbo on my 2011 Bmw 335is convertible would u like to do it I'll sended to u and we will talk🙄

  110. ChrisFix

    ChrisFix29 päivää sitten

    I'll be making a turbo installation video soon! Stay tuned!

  111. Rashele Shoun

    Rashele ShounUukausi sitten

    You are so badass! So glad you make the best detailed videos! You seriously freakin' rock! 🙂 Love all your videos!

  112. ChrisFix

    ChrisFixUukausi sitten

    Thanks a lot!

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    Excellent video Chris as always. Can I suggest you do a video with cleaning the TPS sensor.

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  116. Mohammed Al-Hawaj

    Mohammed Al-HawajUukausi sitten

    I HAVE THIS ERROR code p1504 ford expedition 1997? its idling low when its cold only! do you recommend that i replace or clean IAC valve?

  117. Ben Gutierrez

    Ben GutierrezUukausi sitten

    i’ve had this problem for about 3 months now and couldn’t find anything on why it does it so i lives with it then i watched this and u explained exactly what is happening to me thank you again for your help

  118. Fu Shi

    Fu ShiUukausi sitten

    Do you need to clean out the residual trottle cleaner with distilled water or wait until it dries completely?

  119. Ian Vella Baldacchino

    Ian Vella BaldacchinoUukausi sitten

    Do you wait for IAC's to dry up before reinstall? It wouldn't be smart to try snug inside same paper towel to dry them up. Or can they be reinstalled slightly wet from the spray?

  120. Thoyzki Thoyz

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  122. Paisano Italiano

    Paisano ItalianoUukausi sitten

    @ChrisFix I’m having issues with my idle surging low, I’m not sure where the problem is. I cleaners the air box, replaced the air filter, cleaned the maf sensor, and now about to clean the throttle body & IAC valve. Could you please do a video on how to check for vacuum leaks?

  123. Earlston Layne

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