How to Wire an LED Light Bar Properly (Project Night Light Episode 3)

How to Install a Light bar. In this episode of Project Night Light, I show you how to wire an LED light bar properly using a relay. I go though every step so after watching this you will know how to wire any auxiliary light you want. At the end of the episode I show how insanely bright the light bar is!
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How to Wire Bed Lights: COMING SOON
How a Relay Works: COMING SOON
Wurton Light Bar I installed:
Wire Crimper I use:
Automatic Wire Stripper I use:
Panel Clip Pliers I use:
Fuse Tap I used:
Grommets I used:
Heat Shrink I used:
Wiring chart I used to get the proper gauge wire:
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  1. Day Yandle

    Day YandlePäivä sitten

    Could you use the fuse boxes for the relay and avoid using the tap?

  2. Ramon E.

    Ramon E.4 päivää sitten

    Is it safe to have multiple light bar wires running to the battery ?

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    Why all red wires through the boot? Did you label them for the future? How can you tell which is which?

  4. Alexis Anderson

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  12. Andrew Stewart

    Andrew Stewart21 päivä sitten

    I’m confused why you still put the power directly to the battery, did you tap the fuse box for your power source?

  13. Clayton S

    Clayton S26 päivää sitten

    Have you thought about putting a pwr distribution block if I put one in it's a red/ Black to battery then you add your wires to the block and not the batt keeps everything nice and clean

  14. Clayton S

    Clayton S26 päivää sitten

    When I put my reverse side lights on my pick up I taped into the Rev wire in the rear light assy and put the light assy back into place. So when I shifted into reverse my lights came on

  15. Swaino

    Swaino27 päivää sitten

    Lol you don't need 2 cables for 1 switch if you use relays. You can bridge positive between the switches. You just need 5 cables for 4 switches

  16. Ed Swann

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  17. Rocco Desantis

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  18. Willy C

    Willy CUukausi sitten

    Since some people like to drive with light bars turned on while on the highway and back roads, the proper way to wire them is by running power from the high beam circuit in series with the switch powering the relay coil. This way the light bar can only be powered up when the high beams are on and will go off with the high beams. The switch still allows the light bar to be off when not being used in conjunction with the high beams. This is actually legally mandatory in some places.

  19. Santiago Dmngz

    Santiago DmngzUukausi sitten

    So it’s necessary yo have 2 fuses, the one from the switch (between the switch and the power for or) and the one between the relay and battery?

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    THE MECHANICUukausi sitten

    For those who didn’t understood why there’s ground wire in the switch because there’s a bulb 💡 inside the switch it self . For the switch to lit 🔥 u need positive and negative. Switch it will work without ground as well ,but it won’t lit red at dark

  29. Esssnake

    EsssnakeUukausi sitten

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  30. Zsolt Nem mondom meg

    Zsolt Nem mondom megUukausi sitten

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  37. Brandon Lee

    Brandon LeeUukausi sitten

    TIP: I suggest using any few dollar loom insertion tool. Makes job much faster/easier/less painful!! I bought mine from Amazon. Make sure to buy appropriate size. Sizes are based on loom size, not wire.

  38. Victor Magnusson

    Victor MagnussonUukausi sitten

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  47. ChrisFix

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    Find all the ground locations and add an extension!

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    It's different for every car, do a search for your make/model with "relay box diagram"

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  70. ChrisFix

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